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Content Strategy, Thought Leadership, Communications, Ghost-Writing

Professionals often relegate publishing client alerts, articles and other communications to the bottom of their marketing programs because writing original content is very time consuming and its impact is cumulative rather than immediate. Unfortunately, it is rare that a new client appears as a result of one speech or social media post. Becoming known as an expert in ones' field requires that professionals demonstrate that they understand the legal and business issues their clients face. Publishing is an important element in a marketing program.

Having a content strategy helps professionals demonstrate subject matter expertise, maintain top of the mind awareness of themselves and the firm and deepen relationshipsBy regularly communicating across channels--social media, practice area alerts, speeches and CLE, firms differentiate themselves from their competitors and remind their targets that they are leaders in their fields. 

Like the editorial calendar of a newspaper, a content strategy identifies the key issues facing industries or in practice areas. The content strategy specifies how the information will be disseminated- through social media, client alerts, white papers and speeches and how often and at what level of detail.  Both internal and external communications programs utilize master content strategies to demonstrate thought leadership and reinforce key messages about the firm and its capabilities.

P2B FirmBuilders works with firms, practice groups and individual professionals to establish key messages, develop topics and create content. We also help clients identify ways to repurpose content.