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Marketing and business development programs are comprised of a continuum of activities that support the development of individual business relationships. 

Marketing sets the stage for productive face-to-face meetings and generates inquiries for specific types of assistance by enhancing reputations, building visibility and creating top of the mind awareness of the firm and its professionals. Examples of the components of marketing programs are: branding, websites, advertising, sponsorships, events, media relations, thought leadership and communications across many mediums including social media.

Studies have shown that it takes about eighteen months from initial contact to turn prospects into clients. During that time, firms cultivate relationships through targeted initiatives and personal contact. Sometimes referred to as a sales funnel, suspects move through a virtual pipeline to become prospects, targets and eventually clients. Activities that support this progression are often facilitated by a client relationship management system (CRM) and include direct marketing, networking, meetings, events, visibility in industry organizations and eventually pitches and proposals for new business. Business development plans for each professional and practice and industry groups provide direction, create budgets and establish metrics.

P2B FirmBuilders develops and executes marketing and business development strategies for professional services firms of all sizes and at every stage of their development.