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Rankings & Awards

Hiring a professional services provider is a very important and usually a highly considered decision. Potential clients often consider information from several sources before make their selection. They may ask peers for recommendations, read the firm's website, review LinkedIn profiles and "Google" the candidates. In addition, market research has shown that rankings and awards for marquee work contribute to prospective clients' decisions. 

Firms devote considerable resources to the growing number of ranking and award competitions.  Difficult to track and arduous to submit, submissions are the bane of many firms' existence. Yet, when their firm's rock stars are not selected to appear in the publications, they realize that the tedious and time consuming process may in fact help potential clients find them and support their selection in beauty contests.

P2B FirmBuilders helps firms develop a rankings and awards plan that supports their overall marketing strategy. We develop lists of the rankings and awards they want to pursue, create a master schedule that is updated on a regular basis, identify the attorneys who will be recommended and who will be the primary contacts for the submission, edit and proof read the materials, arrange the interviews and follow-up with the publications. We also coordinate paid firm and attorney profiles, links and advertisements. Once published, we work with firms to post announcements on their websites and update attorney profiles.