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Training & Coaching

Professional services providers face mounting pressure from intense competition for less business, fewer institutional clients and the retirement of rainmaking partners. Firms are turning to the next generation of professionals to bring in new business and deepen relationships with clients. Next generation professionals have yet to hone their client development skills because they have been busy working on firm clients. 

The goal of professional services marketing and business development is to build relationships based upon familiarity and trust.  It takes time to engender trust and to be known as an expert in one's field. Creating a plan to expand and cultivate one's network and become known as an outstanding professional is an important first step in bringing in new business.

Tailored to the specific needs of each client, P2B FirmBuilders creates and presents training and development programs that teach marketing and business development skills. We continue to motivate and support participants with coaching outside of the classroom. P2B FirmBuilders also develops internal communications programs and reward and recognition processes to ensure that marketing and business development becomes an important part of firm culture.

Topics may include:
  • Building a Personal Brand.
  • Personal Marketing and Business Plans: Networks; Organizations; Speeches; Publishing; Social Media; and Rankings.
  • Online Presence: Website Bio and LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn: Marketing and Business Development.
  • Networking.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Pitching and Proposing.
  • Client Service.