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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client relationship management (CRM) is one of the cornerstones for marketing and business development programs. Satisfied clients stay with firms and refer business to them. Unhappy clients tend to focus more on fees than on the value of the services being provided to them and are vulnerable to overtures from other firms. Creating a client-centered culture requires aligning service, communications and human resource development processes with the needs of clients.

A professional’s focus on client needs starts in the courtship stage of the relationship. During this time, the professional conveys genuine interest in the prospect’s business and demonstrates a deep understanding of his or her business issues and objectives. Because courtships can go on for a long time, professionals need to keep in touch with the prospective client through written communications, phone calls, social and business meetings and firm events.

Clients also require consistent attention. Professionals can deepen their relationships by communicating with them regularly and demonstrating that the client’s issues and interests are foremost on their minds.

P2B FirmBuilders CRM services are comprised of four blocks of services:

1. Client Relationship Management Systems are database platforms used to retain information on prospects, referral sources and clients and their businesses, track interactions such as meetings, mailings and events and monitor the relationship’s status. The systems are important tools in successful business and client development programs.

There are many CRM platforms from which to chose. P2B FirmBuilders works with clients to determine which system fits best with their culture and budget. We work with your marketing and technology teams to develop workflows, conduct training and link the system to outside providers of information to facilitate selling and client service. We also work with developers to create custom SharePoint applications.

2. Client feedback interviews contribute to client relationship management programs and to client teams. P2B FirmBuilders helps firms select which clients to interview, constructs interview guides and presents the findings to client teams and firm management. We also work with client teams to resolve issues and create client service plans for the upcoming year. P2B FirmBuilders also involve the clients themselves in the development of the service plans.

3. Client or key account teams have proven to be successful in retaining clients and cross-selling services. Client teams also enhance the work experience of the professionals who gain a better understanding of clients’ needs. P2B FirmBuilders develops and trains teams, establishes work processes and creates internal and client communications. We facilitate and structure team and client meetings.

4. Client Communications through portals, newsletters, alerts, blogs and social media help to demonstrate firms’ commitment to client service and to strong relationships. Based upon the client feedback interviews and the insights of the professionals serving the clients, P2B FirmBuilders recommends and executes content strategies across multiple communications channels.