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Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Plans

It is not uncommon for firms to struggle with creating and executing plans and budgets to guide practice group and individual activities and create accountability. Often, there is not enough time to gather and analyze the information required to understand where the firm is today and what changes need to be made in order for it to grow. Sometimes, plans exist on paper only and professionals are left to figure out their own plans of action. 

P2B FirmBuilders develops and executes strategic and tactical planning processes that set firms on course for the immediate and longer term future. The process we follow involves careful analyses of current processes, finances, clients, services, human resources, competition and markets. Based upon research and in-depth interviews, we develop an assessment of the firm’s current state that is presented to firm management who uses the information to establish near and longer-term plans.   

Strategic plans are often presented at firm retreats as part of team development exercises. P2B FirmBuilders facilitates presentations by either presenting the plans or helping to prepare the managing partner to explain firm strategy. Participants provide input into the plans and explore how firm goals and strategies will affect their own practices. After sharing and gaining consensus for the overall plan, tactical plans for key industries, core practices, strategic markets and individual plans are created and executed. P2B FirmBuilders provides ongoing coaching with management, practice groups and individuals to facilitate execution and accountability.