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Andrew Blum has joined P2B FirmBuilders as a PR consultant. He is a veteran public relations executive and media trainer and a former journalist. Andy has worked for a wide range of clients handling PR and crisis communications. He provides media relations counsel and strategy on news media, social media, high-profile PR and crisis communications, litigation communications, bylined articles and op-eds and media training. As a PR executive and former journalist, Andy has been involved on both sides of the aisle in some of the most media-intensive PR crises of the past 25 years.     

At P2B FirmBuilders, he will work on law firms and other accounts.
Since opening his own agency, AJB Communications, in 2013, Andy has directed PR for clients in the legal industry, branding, marketing and communications, science and academia, professional and financial services, publishing, education, content marketing, and energy and climate change. Additionally, he has worked for tech clients and NGOs. Andy recently directed PR for a proxy fight and has promoted books by several lawyers, law professors, CEOs and two former INS agents.

Andy  has directed PR in connection with high profile and crisis issues involving politicians, lobbyists, CEOs, the military, law firms, and families and individuals. Among those have been former New York Gov. George Pataki, and Jane Goodall, who he placed on Real Time with Bill Maher, as well as a parent of one of the Newtown, CT, shooting victims.

In the law firm sector, Andy has directed PR for Amlaw 100 and 200 law firms and their clients since 1998, both in-house and as a consultant. This has included more than a half dozen U.S. and international firms, several legal consultantcies, and numerous companies, individuals and agencies with litigation PR issues that he helped them manage.

His work for legal sector clients has included starting and implementing PR programs, drafting and distributing press releases, pitching lawyers to the media for quotes in stories, and promoting news on laterals, deals, litigation, new practice areas and new offices. He has also implemented a social media plan, managed a twitter feed and placed bylined articles and op-eds. Along with these services, he has provided media training to prepare lawyers for print, web, broadcast and multi-media interviews.

Andy graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Journalism.