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Mergers, Practice Group & Lateral Partner Integration

Mergers, acquisitions and lateral hiring are key growth strategies for many firms. After what sometimes can be months of negotiations, firms often rush through the onboarding process. Not having inegration plans to make clients, the public and the firm aware of the value proposition of the new combination can waste time and resources, contribute to the loss of clients and ultimately cause the new venture to fail. 

P2B FirmBuilders works with firms, groups, partners, or senior associates to develop and execute integration plans.

The plan may include:
  • Communications with current clients.
  • Importing contacts into the new firm's mailing list.
  • Announcing the combination to firm clients.
  • Crafting press releases and coordinating interviews with the media.
  • Drafting and editing website bios and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Adding practice expertise and matter descriptions to pitch materials and websites.
  • Creating announcement microsites.
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations to serve as a basis for presentations to the new firm’s practice groups.
  • Organizing welcome events for internal and external audiences.
  • Scheduling meetings with key clients and targets.
  • Coaching and trouble-shooting throughout the on-boarding process.